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Championship of Europe of 2012

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    Zdravo brate! Kako si?
    Dobro sam
    Do poslednjeg Srbina Kosovo je Srbija!



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      Accommodation for Euro - 2012

      If you want to spend few days in a fun high energy environment of multicultural celebration of EURO 2012, we invite you to experience it with us at Kiev Eco Camping (Ukraine). For more details you can visit our site kievecocamping.com


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        It's not the best word to use it on this forum.


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          Zamieszczone przez Ukrainian Zobacz posta

          Hello to all Polish fanaticisms and fans, I from Ukraine, from Kyiv(I am a fan Kievskogo Dynamo), call me Vitalik =) Long enough I found your site, that your forum, and to me dosi' it is heavy to communicate, tomuscho translators are not
          on Polish, that is why as heavy as lead it was to be registered!=)

          Above all things interestingly enough me to be on this forum !!!
          I was such happy, that we won a tender on conducting of Championship of Europe of 2012
          I from Ukraine, Pol'schya very likes me, When Championship of 2012 will take place I will try to visit one match of the Polish combined team even, and think that much enough Poland will arrive on Ukraine!!

          It would be not bad if I would meet with someone from Poland, and we would have friendship, And on Championship of Europe we would be able to meet

          Whew here

          That is why arrive to us, Will together Luptsyuvati Russian trestles and dibiliv, which so us obsirayut', humiliate(how many were appearance in our side, you does not imagine, they also talked that they all will going on Championship and beat us and you!!! But we in the state, and also you on Ukraine can be as for itself at home)) because we to take !

          We have Clubs such as Dynamo(Kyiv) of -Дніпро(Dnepropetrovsk) -Карпати(Lvov), it is three commands - three to take, unas with them friendship, that is why we together will not give Russian pogantsyam, fanaticisms, hooligans, and others like that, will not give together with your support to feel as though for itself at home !!! Will set them a heat
          !!! That they these Russian trestles forgot a road to us (Ukraine) and your Good Poland

          That is why I created this theme, that we together communicated about all Events of Euro of 2012

          A large request is to Administrators of Forum :
          Bud'-laska not delete my theme I wrote so much (Banter)

          Large you Hello from Ukraine, Together we will win over all and each

          Expect your reports...

          My polish friends, after yesterday's idiotism from you, faggots - WELCOME TO RUSSIA in 2018 - WELCOME TO HELL. 9 your fans beat 1 (one) russian. OOOO! HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          А ты, уебок из Хохляндии - пасть закрой - из Львива чтоль, пидорок? Как тебе польская жопа? Лизать приятно?

          Шевченко, который - украинец (в отличие от тебе - хохла в гражданскую не дорезанного), и который твою сборную спасает - любит Россию. Подумай об этом остатками своих куцых мозгов, салоед


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            Zamieszczone przez rus111 Zobacz posta
            9 your fans beat 1 (one) russian. OOOO! HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            faktycznie, daleko im do waszych bohaterów, którzy w tył głowy strzelali swoim polskim ofiarom uprzednio im związawszy ręce albo, jeśli były kobietami (a jak było brak kobiet to choćby kozami) to w 9 albo i więcej je gwałcili
            "No pasaran!" ???

            HEMOS PASADO !!!


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