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  • Need some help

    hi, everyone

    a good buddy of mine is a big legia fan. this month is his birthday so i was looking out for some legia stuff as a present. i found some merchandise stuff on the net but i was wondering if there is any dvd of legia avaliable. perhaps you can tell me if there is one and how i could "get" it.

    btw: nice forum, i try to come here more often.

    thx in advance, kayfabe

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    no, unfortunately we haven't got Legia DVD on sale.

    you can goo to www.legia-video.com and download some of videos posted there, make a dvd and give it to him


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      ok thanks for the information and also thanks for the link. perhaps i will find something other for him.
      whatever, thanks again.


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        Don't worry the DVD must be available in the market. You just go there and search in the most popular mall where every thing which we use in our life available 24 hours. There i am sure you will find that DVD.


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          Don't worry the DVD must be available in the market. You just go there and search in the most popular mall where every thing which we use in our life available 24 hours. There i am sure you will find that DVD.
          it was 5 years ago


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            Zamieszczone przez Muha Zobacz posta
            it was 5 years ago


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              first of all sorry for pushing this thread, but I wasn´t able to open a new thread, because I need a minimum of 10 postings in order to do so (at least, that is, what GoogleTranslator told me).

              I´m from Germany and would like to visit the match of Legia against Polonia on 23 September 17:00. I have emailed the club and asked for the situation and they told me, that foreigners can make a reservation via e-mail. I was told, that the ticket sale will start about two weeks before the match (so, about 10 September) and also, that there is a chance, that the game is sold out.

              My problem is: I need to make a reservation of flights, trains, hotel etc. in advance, because now the prices are rather cheap, so it is very important for me to get a ticket for the match. Can you please tell me, how likely it is, that the game is sold out - and if so, how fast? I have problems to estimate, how many people will attend the match. Is there just a possible chance, that the game will be sold out or will all tickets be sold within 5 minutes, after the sale is open? I don´t need a special ticket category, it can be the main tribune as well, no problem. If I email the club about 10-14 days before the match, will my chances to get a ticket rather be 99,9% or 0,1% or rather "difficult to say"? Sorry, if this sounds like a stupid question to you, but I don´t know the situation and I need to be on the safe side.

              Thank you very much for your help and good luck in the upcoming season.



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                Hi Sadwick,
                The chance that the game will be sold out is about 5% -never happend so far so i think this time will be the same.
                About duration of sale -first of all:
                - the cheapest ticket for Zyleta (north side of tlhe stadium) probably will be sold out within few hours, max 1 day
                - for the rest of the stadium as i said you should be able to buy te ticket even at the game day but queue will be very long.

                If I were you i would come 1 day earlier (or early mornnig of the match day) and make myself an fan card and try to buy the ticket via official website of the club - and next time will be much easier for you as to buy the ticket as well

                If you have more questions please ask.


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                  Foreigners don't need to have a fan card.


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                    Thank you, this are good news.

                    I´ve heard of the "Karta Kibica" and that this card causes some problems with long waiting queues etc.

                    The game is played 17:00 and probably I arrive in Warszawa between 12:00 and 15:00, but as long as I have a reservation, this shouldn´t be a problem. Or does simple ticket pick-up also take hours?

                    As long as I get a ticket for the match and can enter the stadium, everything is fine, so unless there are other big infos, that I need to know, I will make my travel-reservations soon.

                    Thank you for your help!


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                      You are right but if he will get one next time he will be able to buy the ticket via Legia official webpage, and he will go straight from airport to the stadium without loosing time with buying tickets, reservations etc.

                      If you will get to the stadium early enough there should be no problems with the card - you will find a long queue 1-2 hours before the kick-off
                      I dont know about picking-up the ticket but you should be ok.

                      Good luck


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                        Sadwick - on saturday during Polonia match the commentary said that if Legia didnt advance to Europa League group stage, Legia - Polonia match will be on friday 21.09 at 20.30.
                        Actually, I dont believe that they will change the time of the match now. I say what I heard in TV.


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                          Thank you Tuzin,

                          this would clearly be the worst case for me; hopefully it´s not true and hopefully Legia is able to advance to the group stage.

                          Such information is very important to me, so thank you very much for sharing.

                          I will wait another three days and then we'll see, what is decided.


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                            Sadwick - the game has just been moved to friday 21.09.2012


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                              Thank you very much for keeping me updated, I really appreciate that.

                              Unfortunately the worst case has happened and I can´t visit the game anymore.

                              Still thank you for your help!