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Your first time:'Legia'

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  • JurgenFCB
    From a friend!

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  • thijs
    3 years ago, i heard the name of friends JUVE, BRUGGE and LEGIA.

    in the stadium is a wall with graffity

    bigger photo's or here or here
    (is my young brother!)

    in january 2003 go to legiaczat on legialive.pl and somebody guys speak english. Ems had no MSN and install it and he is now the biggest den haag supporter in warsaw He was coming to den haag in maj alone by bus for 4 days. He sleep in my small room. And go to the maby championsgame. (after that game not the champion, 3 weeks later)

    In november i was going for first time to warsaw (to ems) and live 6 days in warsaw! a perfect city and people. It was fantastic see all the guys!

    maby soon a legia/denhaag tattoo on my back!!

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  • Niko
    rozpoczął temat Your first time:'Legia'

    Your first time:'Legia'

    I have a small question for our guests from other countries. What was the first time you hear the name "Legia"? TV,newspaper, Champions League? And write somethong more about your steps of knowlegde about our club.
    Thanks a lot