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13 grudnia : ADO Den Haag - Willem II

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  • 13 grudnia : ADO Den Haag - Willem II

    ADO Den Haag - Willem II 0-1 (0-1) :/ :fu:
    James Quinn 34'
    podpis cyfrowy <--------
    Zaprawdę powiadam wam, nie ma takiej siły jak ta.... LEGIA! LEGIA! LEGIA!

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    it was close :* :fu:

    mnie tu nie ma


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      the ref was a cunt ... thats what ive beard



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        FC Den Haag loses of itself.

        Also the last competition for the winter stopper, at home against the Willem II from old the hague-trainer Mark Wotte, most certain FC Den Haag in profit to not to set. In a reasonable bespeelbaar south park was it after 16 seconds all Willem II that on the edge of the Hague punishment kick territory a going out stair might take of Referee Ronald Van Hilst. The hague trainer Lex Shoemaker had as consequence of suspensions and blessures, a phantasy-team the field in steered. As might Arjan of of the Avenue are 350' ste competition in the paid football the basis start. FC Den Haag makes an incoherent impression. The hague played sums as a bunch chickens without head. As know the otherwise reasonable playing Kofi Menza, in the 9de minute a yellow card to get meanwhile he self far on the half of the adversary found.

        In the 10de minute Caluwé of Willem II minimal yellow because of a schwalbe only referee Van Hilst however nothing wanted to get must had. Meanwhile became from the north bleachers regular what fire works on the field gegooid, one projectile wanted to can lead till serious problems as these area next to the assistant-divorced judge was exploded. Of Hilst let broadcasting stations that it no fire works more on the field gegooid might become. Meanwhile was not the hague very careless at the defend and walked the middle field also. And target point of Willem II became in the 19e minute disapproved because of pushes. Willem II got always more chances what in the 34 minute resulted in a target point made through James Quinn. Immediately on that had Rick flat foot, repaired of its enkelblessure, a chance on indicate of Romeo Castelen, but flat foot mist sharpness and mist miserable. Because it still fire works on the field became gegooid laid the guide the competition 10 minutes quiet. After the hervatting most certain Van Axis a yellow card to decorate. Castelen got straight for rest a does of a chance that on the slat in beauty died.

        After rest was not the hague fiercer and more eager but the knotty leading scheids had to cooperate at played out chances for the hague. Regular whistled he situations off while he go let the same situations for Willem II through. But despite the fact that, most certain FC Den Haag also absolute not to go with the chances that they got. As knew Stiff a 110% chance to miss, while he aim for in eye stood with Willem II doelman Honor the Kite. This was illustrative for the rest of the competition. The hague was very certain strengthen after the rest. The bringing in of Imro Nurse, one of the talentvolle players of the second team of the hague, brought what more supplementary impulses and chances, but the done without the hague at the finish and the playing together. Also the fact, that got Willem II-player Romano Denneboom 2 cathedral yellow card, and thus red not led till a better result for FC Den Haag. The first competition half is closed on a 17e place with only two profit parties in contrast with previous year then one already proudly at the top stood around these time. Trainer Lex Shoemaker will during the winter stopper the necessary must do the club in the second seasons half better to let play and to keep for the major league. The attract of players on various positions hereby and one are indispensable will will also a time the abbreviation of the name A D O better must export and especially the O, the o of exercise. The training camp in Turkey during the winter stopper here hopefully will closed contribute.


        RASH: FC Den Haag -Willem II 0-1 (0-1)

        PLACING FC Den Haag: De Vries, Mensah (Rijaard 66), v.Boxel, van .As, Carrilho, Castelen, Pronk, Stroeve, van der Laan, Platvoet (Nurse 66 ), Hofstede

        Target point: 0-1 Quin (34)

        YELLOW CARD: Carrilho, van As, Mensah, van Boxel (FC Den Haag)
        RED CARD: Denneboom (75/2xg) (Willem II)

        REF: R. of of the Hilst

        SPECTATORS: 5211

        DATE: 13-DECEMBER-2003

        BIJZ: duel has even lain still because it fire works on the field became gegooid


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          Zamieszczone przez jelle
          the name A D O better must export and especially the O, the o of exercise.

          Legia&FCDH 4 life
          110% ANTI-AJAX!


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            they lost a game

            what a shame


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              You come back again...

              What a shame :>
              Niech każdy kibic w sercu to wyzna: Bóg, Honor i Ojczyzna


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                now is it winterstop!

                WE want to buy new players soon and make a good 2th competition half!
                FC DEN HAAG - LEGIA WARSZAWA

                NA ZAWSZE RAZEM


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                  I hope so. But we love the Den Haag wherever playing...
                  Legia Varsovia - semper invicta...

                  Urodzić się białym to duma i zaszczyt...


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                    we love legie to!

                    JA KOCHAM LEGIE, JA KOCHAM LEGIE!

                    It was the best song im stadium! (ask ems)
                    FC DEN HAAG - LEGIA WARSZAWA

                    NA ZAWSZE RAZEM