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Wątek: Hello everybody

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    Witam, Mieszkam na stałe w Cork w Irlandii, czy jest tutaj jakiś mały fanclub?

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    Hi guys, I'm supporting Legia in the North stand since last season, but I guess I need to inform you guys that I've been threatening via facebook. The guy telling me that if he will see me in the stand he will shot me. I know that all Legia fans don't think like this guy but should I need to worry?
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    Hello guys, i'm from Serbia. Fan of Legia and Miroslav Radovic
    Can anybody tell me when was match against Jagiellonia interrupted? Before half-time or when the half-time ended? Respect from Serbia

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    During halftime.

  5. #395 - fantastic website about football. It's popular in Europe? I like it.

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    Hey. My name is Jacques and I'am a big fan of Legia Warsaw. Although I'm from France I currently live in Poland. Cheers brothers!

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    Hello guys!

    I'm from Portugal I've been following the fantastic season of Orlando Sa and Legia are doing a fantastic season too especially in the Europa League.

    Good luck for today and for your campaign in the Europa League!

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    Hi guys, nice to meet you!

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    Hi guys, my name is Kajka. Nice to meet you!

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    In this section are only english-language fans or polish fans, who can and want to speak in english?

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    I think it will be a good place to train my english

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    Hello all!

    I'am from Greece and I support Legia Warsaw!!! TYLKO LEGIA!!!!

    My name is Mario and I will come in Warsaw in January!

    Ole Ole Ole Ola i Tylko Legia!!!

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    Hello everyone I am Batu from Denmark've always wanted to see a Legia Warsaw game against Lech Poznan. I love ULTRAS culture, and therefore I would obviously not sit among neutral audience but with Legia fans. But the problem is that I can not find find tickets to neither close to Legia section or from Legia Section. Is there someone who can help me?

    And of course Forza LEGIA!

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    Hello I`m moving to Glasgow, is there anyone here from UK?

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    Hi guys, nice to meet you! I want to train my english

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    Hallo everybody i came here to ask you a few things about Zlatan of the poor fellow stripbar fan as it seems, aleksandar Prijovic.
    We at PAOK have a russian/ pontos president with a lot of money and hooked nose but we usually dont see it in the transfer period. we see only the nose of course.
    So he decide to buy a player with 2 milion, after call an ambulance wait outside of his house in case of heart attack, cause he is tha caucasian skroutz mac duck.
    Here in greece PAOK have a lot of fans, but our stadium is empty right now, people came to stadium usually when a person/footballer smack an olympiakos player in the face, cause we have rivalry, pablo garcia(price and honor) did that an we make him a god, and alot of people go to the Toympa stadium to see Che guevara Garcia, those fans we call them "Panigyrtzides" mean they are go to the matches because of the trend, not because of their loyality.
    This year we have 5000 people in the stadium cause we have crisis and people prefer the chicks, betting and go for frappe, or buy clothes to go for drink or frappe to find the chicks. But we all still love PAOK from a safe distance. usually we search for streaming.
    This years with Ivan Savvidis (Grand Commander of the Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, dont laugh this is true, they give him this honor for giving money in big church) our little father (pateroulis) help the team became more organize.
    Close all the cantine outside stadium, and now you cant eat vromiko sandwich, but you can buy official PAOK PICKLE SALAD (TOURSI) and pastourma cakes.
    He pay all the debt, with the help of alexis comrade Tsipras.
    He put a russian fat woman to be our financial director, Gordjilova, and we cant buy players even if we have the money because the structure of the club. let me explain to you.
    our scouters, lets say one specific, pantelos go to african youth cup and didnt find anything good, i know it sound strange but, he is short he may cannot see far, you must put him in a stool.

    ok lets say pantelos sees a player, he show him to lubos"a dead man already" michel(sporting director), lubos show him to our manager(ivic) our manager says ok i want him, after lubos will go to our captain Klaous "heavy drinker" Athanasiadis (who scores every thuesday only), after that athanasiadis will discuse the player with journalist Kolkas "the man with the oldam owl face", if kolkas like the player, he will make articles to convice the fans of PAOK that the player is the right one for PAOK, if he dont like him, he will make another article for PAOK organization, and will write that player is out of PAOK DNA (a recent scientific discovery).
    Lets say kolkas like the player, now lubos michel will go the player for aprove in the above.
    He will go to George "Mickey mouse" Savvidis, the son of our president.
    George will check him in instragram, he will see if he is the right one to go for a drink with him, if he is the right one, he will say ok to lubos, the lubos will make an inquiry to see our president, our president will come from russia when he will have a business here, so lets say in 5 days, he will see lubos, and his players.
    if the player is the right one (the criteria is to be bellow milion) he will gave the financial director Gordjilova the financial information, and then gordjilova following the same crearly football oriented criteria (bellow a milion) will give aproove or reject the player.

    So from all this you understand that we scout prijovic from the day he was born to make an offer today.
    We need 5 years with this procedure to sign a player.
    But every time the journalist says it is football director fault who didn find a player quick
    last year we had frank arnesen of chelsea for football director, he make good transfers, but the kick him out cause he had show to president and gordjilova players above a milion, so we nearly lost our president from heart attacks.
    But the journalist said to the people that arnesen was a thief trying to steal PAOK and the hay eating fans of PAOK Believe him. and this year we didnt buy a cf, cause our cf klaous "heavy drinker" is a PAOK fan.
    the results is tha we had 60 shoots to make a goal in two last games.

    But i will not tire you any more, please inform me about Prijovic, thank you

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    Legionista Awatar Legiek88
    I'd love to help you but my English is at the level of junior high school: D

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    Hello everybody. Pozdrawiam Legia!

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    Legionista Awatar Legiek88
    Helou Twardyziem !

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    Hello, are there some Legia fans in Geneva? I`m there right now.
    no pain - no gain

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    Hi everyone

    We are thinking about going to a Legia game next spring.
    When will the dates be confirmed? We are thinking about Legia-Lech Poznan 03.03 or Legia-Wisla 17.03. Are the game vs. Wisla better or will both have a good atmosphere?


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    Cytat Zamieszczone przez gme11 Zobacz posta
    Hi everyone

    We are thinking about going to a Legia game next spring.
    When will the dates be confirmed? We are thinking about Legia-Lech Poznan 03.03 or Legia-Wisla 17.03. Are the game vs. Wisla better or will both have a good atmosphere?

    Both should be equally good. Have fun.

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    Witam na forum

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    Guys (especially ADO supporters) - do you know is there any possibility to watch Legia's match this week in Amsterdam? Any Polish pub, bar etc?

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    Hello from Serbia,Red Star
    Your possible opponent in Champion League qualification
    I respect Legia as best Polish team .
    We are also, like you ,won title last week.
    Big respect and all the best in Europe.
    I will write about Europe qualification if i can?
    Ostatnio edytowane przez Šampion ; 22-05-2018 o 12:55

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    Hello! Are you still alive?

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    Hallo, dear Legia Fans.

    I am a Spanish Football Youtuber, and i have create a Video about Legia Warsaw,
    that i will share in this Forum.
    Nice Greetings from Spain for all Legia Fans allround the World.
    Viva Legia

    Youtube Link:

    Blogsite: https://clubesmundofutbol.blogspot.c...a-polonia.html

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    Welcome 🙏

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