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    "The Cu Chi tunnels tours in Ho Chi Minh city
    In order to be protected from French occupation in the 1940s, Communist guerrilla troops known as Viet Cong dug tens thousands of miles of tunnels with their bare hands and simple tools and further expanded during the American War in the 1960s. Located 75 kilometres northwest of Ho Chi Minh city, the Cu Chi tunnels are an elaborate underground network made up of 250 km of tunnels and chambers in the town of Cu Chi. This huge network underground tunnels in Viet Nam which has been preserved by the Viet Nam government and has become a popular tourist attraction."
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  5. Ban muon ban bao gia phien dich vien ro rang chinh xac nhat.hay den voi noi cung cap bang bao gia choi tiet cho tung ngon ngu,gia phien dich vien theo gio,gia vien dich vien 1 ngày...
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ban muon ban bao gia phien dich vien ro rang chinh xac nhat.hay den voi
my dinh,ha noi,viet nam
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