Zobacz pełną wersję : FOR YOU! : new ultras juve forum (nord sithe)

19-10-2006, 11:52
hello everybody!

We, ultras of the north sithe JUVENTUS have a new forum for discussion and for speak

we have also one section legia, link:

forum juve: www.turboweb.it/@lxgu
page legia: http://www.turboweb.it/forum/ut__@lxgu_cc-8b819a0115134643761c518a672833469743

beautiful if you write and speak with us!!! :oczko:

excused my English!!!!!!! :modli: :ucieszony:

You are the Welcomes!!!!

forum ultras juve north sithe: www.turboweb.it/@lxgu

Saluti gobbi