Zobacz pełną wersję : no deyna cup

14-07-2004, 12:59
fuck, fuck, fuck, no deyna cup :( :( :(

:respekt: for supporters legia

see you next vveek

14-07-2004, 13:46
for us it's a tragedy, we hope to see U- supporters from Haag and our teams playing together in "match of friends" but.......unfortunately we've got strange club & city authorities and they are as helpless thet they are not able to organize
Deyna Cup :placze:

fuck all authorities!!!!!! :chytry:

16-07-2004, 20:22
I hope that Deyna Cup will hold next year, but we don't know what our authorities will invent :/
They don't want to 'connect' with us too much :ucieka: :hmm:

17-07-2004, 11:46
fuck all authorities!!!!!!