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30-11-2003, 17:26


greetz MaxyM !

30-11-2003, 17:30


greetz MaxyM !

Those "świstaki" are polish politicians... :buhaha:

greetz Ems

30-11-2003, 20:21
in timbuktu - small australian village was a quiz.
in final round was a farmer and a priest.
in final they have to talk verse with word "Timbuktu"

first was a priest
" I read the bible all my life
I had no children had no wife
I read the bible through and through
on all my way to timbuktu"

everybody want give him a first reward but the quiz must be justice so they must give a chance farmer too.
then he said:

" when I and Jim to Brisbane went
we meet three ladies cheap to rent
so they`re three and we were two
so I booked one and Tim booked two

01-12-2003, 11:39
Something nice-just for a change :>

http://www.mobfunk.de/lustiges/gecko.swf :)

13-01-2004, 23:41

15-01-2004, 19:51
1th: I must really also once to a stadium

2th: that atmosphere on the bleachers appears unique to be
I also want to try the game to get

3th: perhaps I have myself already that years deficiency done

4th: in that we go once change bring
it's pleasant

5th: ****

6th: :):)

7th: you try what atmosphere to create

01-05-2004, 03:26
Dumb Americans!

Two americans were in the woods hunting. One looked at the other and said: "I've got to take a shit."
The other said: "Well go behind one of those big trees, and shit."
The first one said: "But I don't have any paper to wipe my ass." The other american replied: "You have a dollar, don't you?"
The first one said: "Yeah, I've got a dollar. That's a great idea, I'll use that!"
He left and came back with shit all over his hands and clothes.
His friend looked at him and asked: "What in the hell happened to you?"
The first one replied: "Have you ever tried to wipe your ass with 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and a nickel?"

Q. How do you start a Jewish maratthon?
A. Roll a penny down a hill!

03-05-2004, 14:28
Here goes some racist shit:

1)-A mexican and a nigger are riding in a car. Who's driving?

-The policeman

2) A nigger went to heaven and got a pair of wings? He said, God! Look at me! I'm an angel!, and God said No you stupid nigger! You're a bat, now fuck off! :buhaha: