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Thijs could you translate or write from Flammish to English the history of FC Den Haag, something about the fans and about the records of the team ?

thanks :)

29-11-2003, 23:51
ok, i go try!

give me one day!

29-11-2003, 23:54
ok, i go try!

give me one day!

thank You very much Friend :)

P.S. Why i not foto together ??

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Season. div. played. gew. gelijk. Losed. goals. place at the end!
1971/72 1th 34 17 10 7 44 59-33 5th
1972/73 1th 34 15 10 9 40 44-39 5th
1973/74 1th 34 8 10 16 26 29-53 13th
1974/75 1th 34 7 16 11 30 33-42 10th
1975/76 1th 34 17 7 12 41 65-51 6th
1976/77 1th 34 10 12 12 32 50-42 10th
1977/78 1th 34 11 6 17 28 45-57 12th
1978/79 1th 34 11 11 12 33 43-55 7th
1979/80 1th 34 11 9 14 31 38-43 10th
1980/81 1th 34 12 3 19 27 53-79 14th
1981/82 1th 34 4 5 25 13 29-82 17th DEGEDRADE TO 2th Division
1982/83 2th 30 11 10 9 32 60-44 6th
1983/84 2th 32 15 5 12 35 49-39 7th
1984/85 2th 34 16 13 5 45 62-40 4th
1985/86 2th 36 26 10 0 62 85-33 1th CHAMPION!!
1986/87 1th 34 8 12 14 28 46-64 14th
1987/88 1th 34 7 8 19 22 50-72 17th DEGREDADE TO 2th Division
1988/89 2th36 23 7 6 53 85-35 2th Promote to 1th Division
1989/90 1th 34 13 7 14 33 58-63 10th
1990/91 1th 34 10 8 16 28 40-68 14th
1991/92 1th 34 6 10 18 22 35-63 16th DEGREDATION TO 2th Division
1992/93 2th 34 15 8 11 38 65-61 8th
1993/94 2th 34 14 10 10 38 62-56 7th
1994/95 2th 34 16 8 10 40 71-52 4th
1995/96 2th 34 8 7 19 31 39-60 15th
1996/97 2th 34 14 10 10 52 48-48 8th
1997/98 2th 34 17 7 10 58 69-43 5th
1998/99 2th 34 12 9 13 45 52-52 10th
1999/00 2th 34 12 6 16 42 37-52 11th
2000/01 2th 34 9 9 16 36 51-71 16th
2001/02 2th 34 18 9 7 63 53-36 4th
2002/03 2th 34 26 5 3 83 74-20 1th PROMOTE TO 1th division (CHAMPION)

30-11-2003, 00:09
no records before 1971 ?

30-11-2003, 00:14
European Results

1968/1969 EC2 1th round ADO Grazer AK 4-1
1968/1969 EC2 1th round Grazer AK ADO 0-2
1968/1969 EC2 2th round ADO FC Köln 0-1
1968/1969 EC2 2th round FC Köln ADO 3-0

1971/1972 EC3 1th round FC Den Haag Aris Bonneweg 5-0
1971/1972 EC3 1th round Aris Bonneweg FC Den Haag 2-2
1971/1972 EC3 2th round FC Den Haag Wolverhampton 1-3
1971/1972 EC3 2th round Wolverhampton FC Den Haag 4-0

1972/1973 EC2 1th round Spartak M. FC Den Haag 1-0
1972/1973 EC2 1th round FC Den Haag Spartak M. 0-0

1975/1976 EC2 1th round Vejle BK FC Den Haag 0-2
1975/1976 EC2 1th round FC Den Haag Vejle BK 2-0
1975/1976 EC2 2th ronde FC Den Haag RC Lens 3-2
1975/1976 EC2 2th ronde RC Lens FC Den Haag 1-3
1975/1976 EC2 1/4 FINAL FC Den Haag West Ham U. 4-2
1975/1976 EC2 1/4 FINAL West Ham U. FC Den Haag 3-1

1987/1988 EC2 1th round Ujpest Dozsa FC Den Haag 1-0
1987/1988 EC2 1th round FC Den Haag Ujpest Dozsa 3-1
1987/1988 EC2 2th round FC Den Haag Young Boys 2-1
1987/1988 EC2 2th round Young Boys FC Den Haag 1-0

30-11-2003, 00:14
no records before 1971 ?

offcourse, i go tomorrow look!

30-11-2003, 00:22

Can you see tomorrow, i edit this post!!

30-11-2003, 14:28
1985/86 2th 36 26 10 0 62 85-33 1th CHAMPION!!

Den Haag was a champion in that season ,when I was born :D .

Excellent :+: :)

Best regards

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Thijs please now write something about the fans DEN HAAG :)

thanks :piwo5:

03-12-2003, 17:45
ok, tonight! ;)

03-12-2003, 22:56
ok, tonight! ;)

Why I not learning english :fu: fuck :fu:

i must go to school by Holland '8
cheers :piwo5:

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if somebody can take text from a secured webpage you can copy the text at www.adodenhaag.nl by history and the translate it. (by an translation-computer)

05-12-2003, 15:16
if somebody can take text from a secured webpage you can copy the text at www.adodenhaag.nl by history and the translate it. (by an translation-computer)

En waar staat dit?
And where is it?

06-12-2003, 10:52
if somebody can take text from a secured webpage you can copy the text at www.adodenhaag.nl by history and the translate it. (by an translation-computer)

But not copy webpage , because : "Copyright ADO Den Haag" :fu: shit :/

06-12-2003, 11:23
Club story

Arise ADO (Everything Through Exercise) has been set up on 1 February 1905. The club saw the life family in the then cafe The Court of Berlin' at the Papestraat 32 in the hague. The cafe was property of the father of one of the boys (Jan of Gulik) that the club set up. It were boys that at that time daily after school time played football at the foot of the hedge shin Tower. Football was then yet a sport, that practiced officially became by boys from the higher environments, but gradual breidde the popularity of the football self from to broader lay by the population.

Beginning years In 1906-1907 ADO only in name, for through wanbetaling of the sorrows the young club financial nothing could wanted to do. Only, once good at the course showed ADO her were face. In the season 1907-1908 became she for the first turn in the story champion (of the 3e class of the hedge shin Football Federation). She not considered self yet strengthen enough to the 2e class to promote. The season on that became ADO again with flag and pennant champion of the 3e class HVB. This time promoted she all at once of the 3e to the 1e class HVB. In the season 1911-1912 followed promotion to the 3e class NVB (the KNVB was named then as).

First successes The first championship in the NVB (3e class) obtained ADO in 1913-1914, the season that the club for the first time played in the red green shirt with witte pant. This will the tenue its till at the merger of HSV ADO and FC the hague on 1 July 1996.

In 1918-1919 brought about the club her first promotion in the NVB. The second-class ship lasted one season, for promptly followed a promotion till overgangsklasser. That promotion was something too high grabbed, for in 1922-1923 degraded ADO for the first time in her existence in such a way was the win of the HVB-cup at the cost of Scheveningen a plaster on the wound. During the little finger star day of 1921 stayed ADO in the foreign country for the first time. In Germany was played against strong wheel (victory of 5-0) and SV Ludenscheid (profit after 2-1). In February 1928 put ADO her first trainer in complete service at in the person of the Englishman John Donaghy. On 2 April 1928 played ADO her first competition against an English club namely Wimbledon (2-2).

On 18 October 1925 open the then Hague alderman mr. Pen. Droogleever Fortuyn the Souther (sport) park, true ADO till on the day of today her domicilie would have. The alderman will as mayor of Rotterdam later on (in 1937) the starting signal give for the building of the Stadium Feijenoord (De Cooper). The way, at which lain be the south park stadium and the training complex The Kickoff,' is to mr. Pen. Droogleever Fortuyn named. By the entrance from the south park is to zijner memory a plaquette put in.

On 29 May 1927 reached ADO as champion of the second class for the first time the most level of the Dutch football (first class). Also as consequence of this built ADO in the south park a head bleachers, that taken became on 28 October 1928 officially in use, and service would do till onverlaten these in April 1982 in fire suspend from dissatisfaction with the then on hands zijnde demotion from the major league. On 26 September 1931 names ADO her first club building in use. In March 1973 made this building place for the present building that place at a party center, bestuurs- and business space offers.

In 1932 became the east realm Otto Hoss appointed as trainer. He will, through its special attention for the talentvolle youth, the founder its of the first team, that as the mostly successful story would write. Hoss became after the season 1935-1936 followed by the most successful player of ADO aller times Wim Tipped. This is with its 33 interlands (and 17 target point) recordinternational of ADO and will as trainer also be very successful.

High points In the season 1940-1941 took ADO the run-up that led to two country championships. Despite the misery of Second world War could there – they the adapted – be played football. Through the successes was the south park with 12.000 visitors often sold off. ADO must in a decisions competition against DHC constitute who champions of the western first class become will. The competition on Spangen in Rotterdam ended in 1-1. DHC found in the extension yet once the Hague net. Delftse supporters were through the extremely off names own of the field and carried their favorite on the shoulders to the dressing room. That took place the ontnuchtering: DHC not had won them to me and was them to me thus also no champion. On the moment that the ball to the Hague net went had referee Van Welzenes established that the speeltijd past was. He not had for it only yet whistled, and through the mad states came it of it also no longer. A week later had the replay place in an uitverkochte Cooper. Under the large 50.000 spectators were 20.000 inhabitants of the Hague that ADO saw win with 3-1. ADO was champion!
The fight round the country championship with the title holders of the other first classes not furnished the head price on. That happened in the two next season well in 1941-1942 and 1942-1943 shut ADO the season off with the country championship. The most known powers of the team of trainer Wim Tipped were doelman Willem Cake (in the year of the first country title followed through Dolf Sneeze) leader Herman Choufoer, Aad the Young, Aad from Contend, André Roosenburg, Rinus Praise, David west courts, the brothers Joop and Chap Eversteijn and Wim Neuteboom.

Rise professor football After the Second world War hit ADO rather what players discharge on the professor football mainly the French professor football. Of them were Theo Carpenters (Nimes Olympique), Bram Apple (Reims) and Tone Bauman (Nantes) the most known. Through the circumstances forced decided ADO in 1954 over to the professor football to go. ADO' s then chairman Show Martens was one of the participants at the famous 'bedroom conference', in which were decided the KNVB – that want to hold on to the amateurisme – an ultimatum to put the professor football immediately in to lead in order to the exodus of topspelers to France and Germany a halt closed to call.

As could the event that the already begin competition in 1954-1955 became stopper gezet and that on 28 November 1954 the first round of the professor competition was played. ADO played that day at home against EDO and lost with 2-1. A week later, on 5 December 1954, obtained ADO by Sparta the first point in the professor football (1-1).

Major league It not succeeded ADO self to place for the in 1955-1956 to form major league. For the first time since 1927 stayed ADO no longer at the most very worst level. This situation lasted but one season. ADO became in 1956-1957 on glorious manner champion of the First division A. On 5 May 1957 won ADO in it with 14.000 spectators uitverkochte south park with 3-0 of De County. Through here became the title and promotion to the major league a fact.

In the summer by 1957 underwent the south park a facelift and became the accommodatie were expanded till 19.000 place. ADO made one's debut in the major league on overwhelming manner. On 25 August 1957 became begun with a victory of 4-1 by Elinkwijk followed through a victory of 1-0 on VVV in a sold off south park, where later on also Feyenoord (6-3) and Ajax (3-1) in the sand would bite. ADO ended that season as fifth.

In the next seasons played ADO no striking role in the competition, but well in the fight round the KNVB-cup. On 17 June 1959 stood the red green for the first time in the final in a with 25.000 spectators (the accommodatie was in 1958 expanded again expand) sold off south park against VVV, that with 4-1 would win. The most known players from that time were the keepers French Cook and Chap Oostrum, Karel Jansen, the later secretary general of the players union VVCS, Theo Carpenters, Mick Clavan, Carol Schuurman and Lex Rijnvis.

06-12-2003, 11:28
To subtop In the summer of 1962 stepped the Austrian old-international Seriousness Happel in service as trainer. Three year he had necessarily the team to knead and success to let have. After a gloomy beginning (temporary on the last place) ended ADO in the season 1964-1965 at the same time players as Harrie Heijnen, Lambert Meuse, Kees Aarts, Joop Jochems, Chap the Sweet Theo of the Burch, Aad men field and doelman Barrel Thie as third behind Ajax and Feyenoord. Through here place ADO self for the first time for international football, the Intertoto-competition. In that tournament follow meetings against Lugano, Borussia Neunkirchen and Malmo FF. Also in 1965-1966 became ADO third and again played the Intertoto. This time became the group winner at the cost of FC Rang FC Close and Brescia. In the half final eliminated ADO IFK Goteborg. In the final won ADO at home with 1-0 of Slovan Bratislava from became with 3-0 lost.

In the years sixty went the superior grind mistake on moments that it about it stretched. As well in 1963 (Willem II), 1964 (Fortuna ’54) as in 1966 (Sparta) lost ADO the hague in the final of the KNVB-cup. In 1967 went for a ride ADO as representative from the city San Francisco under the name Counted Hole Gales six weeks through the United State the football more popular to make.

On 3 June 1968 won ADO for the first time the final of the fight round the KNVB –cup. Ajax became in the south park with 2-1 defeated. Through here made ADO on 18 September 1968 hair Europe Cup II-debut with a sounding victory of 4-1 on Grazer AK. In Austria won ADO with 2-0. FC Pitted pale in the second round twice too strongly (0-1 in the south park, 3-0 in Cologne). In the spring of 1969 forced Seriousness Happel a fracture with ADO by Feyenoord at the blow to can.

The Tsjechoslowaak Vaclav Jezek followed him. Also he had time necessarily of the team a good turning whole to make. With players as Aad men field, Chap the Sweet, Dick Lawyer, the Noren Harald Store and Harry Hestad, Wietze Couperus, Lex Shoemaker and doelman Barrel Thie polite ADO in 1970-1971 her best season in the major league.

Seventeen weeks stood the team unbeaten at the top and became the final third with 51 point. ADO place self with this for the UEFA-Cuptoernooi.

06-12-2003, 11:29
:+: thijs :+:

06-12-2003, 11:35
it is not 100 % good, only good enough!


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FC the hague On proposal of the municipality the hague became in that time spoken over a go together with the also in the major league playing city companion Holland Play a sport. It was an emotional period for the supporters of both clubs. The municipality wanted with a high subsidy sum the basis lay for a club of European level. FC the hague was born (1 July 1971). Indeed played on FC the hague the first years of her existence European, but the sports-loving decline set gradual. The race against the large wealthy clubs as Feyenoord, Ajax and later PSV not was fully to be held. Only under trainer Vujadin Boskov was there at the same time players as Aad men field, Dojo Perazic, Aad Kila, Martin Jol, Henk of Lions and doelman Barrel Thie a recovery with name through the unexpected profit in the final of the KNVB-cup against FC Twente (1-0), on 15 May 1975 in the Rotterdam Tub.

In the Europe Cup II-tournament eliminated FC the hague (meanwhile strengthens with the of Feyenoord returned Lex Shoemaker) Vejle BK and Lens, but stumbled in the quarterfinals needlessly over Westerly Ham United. Home won FC the hague with 4-2 after a rest position of 4-0. Aad men field took in that competition an European record through as first defender a hattrick to score (three goals within 39 minutes). In Rewarded laid FC the hague however with 3-1 the lead. The Hague professor football disappeared then from the national subtop.

Parting subtop The parting of the stay in the subtop meant also parting of a generation administration sorrow that led had the club with success. The meant the parting of for instance Herman Choufoer as chairman and Eddy Hartmann as manager. Their successors were to be envied not because the circumstances more unfavorable became. The financial differences between the top and the rest became larger. Moreover got FC the hague in serious extent with voetbalvandalisme to make. In 1982 suspend a number of supporters the old eretribune in fire from dissatisfaction over the imminent demotion from the major league. That descent became soon a fact. Only with large investments could the grounds that lost was gone be reconquered in it always conciser nascent professor football.

In 1984 became the golden duo Lex Shoemaker and Aad men field vastgelegd for the technical staff of ADO the hague. Together with head trainer Ribbed Job, Chap the Sweet and Kees Tempelaar were they responsible for the foundation of the football school. With that became o. a. the basis gelegd for a professional youth training.

The municipal subsidy was meanwhile afgebouwd and the basis of the business world for the paid football was not of Tues take after that a return to the most division possible was. Only the Amsterdam businessman Dé Stoop was prepare self administrative and financial in for the club, what resulted twice in a return to the major league, to stretch. In 1986 became FC the hague as first club from the paid football unbeaten champion of the first division. In 1988 followed however again demotion to the first division. A year later promoted the club again to the major league.

The hooliganisme reached on 1 March 1987 the low point then the competition FC the hague-Ajax in the rest must be suspended because of serious irregularities. Well reached FC the hague in that year yet the final of the KNVB-cup, in the south park and defense against Ajax. Despite the loss in the extension took FC the hague really part at the Europe Cup II-tournament because Ajax all country champion was and participated at the Europe Cup I-tournament. Two rounds did FC the hague with against Ujpest Dozsa and Young Boys from Bern. After that was the over and from with the international Cupvoetbal in the hague.

Rescue Then Dé Stoop self not withdrew as large financier and chairman succeeded the new drivers and financiers FC the hague financial and sportingly forward at the end of the years eighty to help. The club degraded in 1992 again to the first division. In the summer of 1994 bore the club a debts burden of approximately fl. 5,5 million. A bankruptcy threatened. John of Ringelenstein, from the business club to in front, and Aalt meuse stores, that stood from the municipality the hague at that time frequently in contact with FC the hague, slid did extreme attempts the licentie for the paid football in the hague to keep. With many trouble succeeded the rescues attempt. Debts became gesaneerd, the club began again from the absolute nulpunt.

In the season 1994-1995 reached FC the hague under trainer Lex Shoemaker the nacompetitie in the first division and was in that till the last day successful. It came a point too short a return to the major league to bring about. Many players became through the successful action in the window come to stand and way sale. With the compensations cut in half the debts burden in a slap. The sports-loving slap did self in the season 1995-1996 feeling. FC the hague ended as fifteenth in the first division, until than closed the low point in the hague Dialect paid football.

New zest
On 1 July 1996 was the end of FC the hague and the beginning of the Haaglandse Football Club 'ADO the hague', the result of the merger between the old mother association HSV ADO and the foundation FC the hague. A new yellow green tenue, a new trainer in the person of old-player and -youth trainer Mark Wotte foresaw ADO the hague of new zest. With modest means, talentvolle players from the topamateurvoetbal and the already present routiniers and talents in two successive seasons success posted with the obtain of two period title. In the nacompetitie was no success weggelegd. Wotte left interim. Andre Hoekstra followed him.

The improvement of the financial position meant that wanted to become invested in the much-needed improvement and protection of the stadium that in the spring of 1998 (partly) became geprivatiseerd. The organization became along the way of the gradualness geprofessionaliseerd. Only must ADO the hague her best talents let go as soon as major league clubs self for them reported, because the financial possibilities between first and major league too are large. That is why enlargement of the financial volume a necessity is the ambition (back to the subtop of the Dutch football) to realize. For that became the NV ADO the hague formed. This is since 31 May 1999 a fact. When became the agreement drawn between the association HFC ADO the hague and the NV ADO the hague i. o. In these agreement are the proportions between the association and the NV vastgelegd. Meanwhile was André Hoekstra in the summer of 1999 followed through Ribbed Meppelink, many years' trainer by the youth of FC the hague and later ADO the hague.

On 2 April 1999 became the modern business lounge under the south bleachers in use taken. The Foundation For the Club For the City worked fast at a basis for ADO the hague by the business world. During a gala in June 2000 became plan known made for the building of a new stadium in the armpit of the traffic junction Prince Clausplein. The municipality the hague took in that the furrow rope and does of her sharp also very much so much possible basis to create in order to ADO the hague as major league club to the new stadium to let move.

With the sports-loving results not wanted it in the years around the millenniumwissel go smoothly under the young trainers Ribbed Meppelink and Stanley Brard. That is why the technical administration was adjusted and it was sought in experience trainers (Rinus Israel and Lex Shoemaker) and a number experience major league players. On them is the heap established together with the talentvolle, zelfopgeleide youth within foreseeable time the return to the most national level to bring about.

As of the season 2001/2002 shut ADO the hague as first club in the Dutch paid football an agreement with a regional Tv-broadcasting station (TV Westerly) for live-broadcasts from home competitions. With this becomes an attempt do a broad public in the region hedge country for the club to interest and on term to move the competitions to visit.
and this was 3 and the last! ;) [/b]

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GOOD JOB :piwo5:

08-12-2003, 19:21
Hi, I'm first time on this forum because of...my english-it's shitty:P
Hey Thijs invite all yor friends to come to our forum and talk with us...it would be cool if we could get in contact also with other FC Den Haag Fans.
Will you come to Poland on spring?Have you ever seen a Football game in Poland?...probably yes:)

"...Give me drobne money because ja kolekcjoner..."-my dad:)

08-12-2003, 22:22
Hi, I'm first time on this forum because of...my english-it's shitty:P
Hey Thijs invite all yor friends to come to our forum and talk with us...it would be cool if we could get in contact also with other FC Den Haag Fans.
Will you come to Poland on spring?Have you ever seen a Football game in Poland?...probably yes:)

"...Give me drobne money because ja kolekcjoner..."-my dad:).

yes, i was on legia warszawa - gks katowice! very nice game and very nice ultra show from zyleta!

i want to come soon as possible back to poland!

legia. legia gol!